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The museum welcomes donations of artworks from individuals, companies and foundations that will complement and/or enhance its existing collection. Each art work donated to the museum will retain the recognition of the person/artist/company in gratitude of their contribution making them an honorary member.

The possibility of a Permanent Loan is also available to artists/individuals who wish to maintain the copyright of their artwork but would like to have it be open to viewing by the public within a museum setting. The artwork will have to be of a museum standard and must be approved by the Museum Curator.


Exhibitions held at the museum gallery make up an essential part of the museum’s agenda by introducing current artists and showcasing or displaying works of cultural significance. Your support will enable the Museum to organise more exhibitions, expand its collection and introduce new artists and art to the public.

Exhibition sponsors gain considerable public attention and marketing possibilities. We are eagerly looking to form partnerships with foundations, corporations and individuals to present our exhibitions to a larger audience.


Education is an important part of the Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum. The Educational Programmes of the Museum, not only facilitate learning, but also provide an important connection between the Museum and its many visitors.

The generosity of our donors enables different programmes  (specifically designed for school groups of all ages, children and families, adults, teachers, visitors with additional support needs, and community organisations) to be offered to the public.

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