The Department of Educational Programmes also offers educational programmes especially for adults as it emphasizes the importance of ‘lifelong learning’. In this way, anyone who loves any form of art or culture can choose one of the activities on offer and get involved. 

Organised tours for adults, based on the permanent collections and the temporary exhibitions that are being hosted at the Loukia and Michael Zampelas Art Museum, are offered throughout the year. Furthermore, seminars, workshops and events related to a diverse range of topics are organised (art, philosophy, science and more), headed by prominent people in the arts, academia and other such fields.

The Museum’s art workshop also offers a variety of suggestions to adults as to how to spend their leisure time; some of its aims include introducing adults to materials and techniques employed by different artists (painting, engraving, sculpture and more), but also arranging meetings with prominent artists. 

Those interested in the educational programmes offered to adults can find further information from the Department of Educational Programmes of the Museum.